To become the first choice of our clients for construction services in the mining sector. To represent an organization that improves the quality of the environment and the communities where we work. To stand out as a safe, professional, profitable company with sustained growth, through our international quality standards and continuous practices of competitiveness and development.
Our mission is to give our customers the best value for money investment of mining and construction services. As well to contribute to the growth of our clients’ business, development of the quality of life of the region and the development of our team work with strongly motivated collaborators, with a sense of improvement and innovation; as well as responsibility, ethics, social, environmental and oriented to the practice of safety and hygiene at work.
Our Story

One of the greatest adventures took place 40 years ago, when our founding partner Benjamín and his team conducted small explorations in the abandoned tunnels.
Company name is composed with two important elements "Minerales" and "Tarachi", the first one is in honor for great passion for mining activities, while Tarachi is in honor of the small town where the research was carried out in Arivechi, Sonora.
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